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A Quick Drive from Saigon

Within a 2-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Tram offers the convenience of getting into your car and traveling at your own schedule.




Rapid Development of Ho Tram

Ho Tram enjoys 14-kilometers of uninterrupted shoreline bookended by the Ray River and the Binh Chau Nature Reserve. Because there is a limited amount of beachfront land remaining, the supply of premier beachfront resort properties in Ho Tram will decrease as the area develops, thereby boosting capital appreciation and rental yield for early investors.

In recent years, the government has invested in building proper roads, electrical and sanitary infrastructure for the area. This will ensure sustainable growth, scalability, and cleanliness as Ho Tram develops into one of the premier vacation destinations in Vietnam.


A Premier Vacation Destination

Ho Tram is in the best position to attract guests from different parts of south Vietnam. In just 90 minutes via new highways, travel by car from Ho Chi Minh City to Ho Tram to find premier relaxation in a breezy tropical climate on pristine beaches. Ho Tram offers the convenience of getting into a car with your family and friends and traveling on your own schedule. Ho Tram’s pleasant weather all year-round allows you to maximize your family’s enjoyment – a “second home” for investment and lifestyle.

Luxury Lifestyle

Lots of our guests also appreciate the active lifestyle in Ho Tram, such as the Romantic Picnic in the villa yard and the In-Villa BBQ where families can spend precious time together in a safe and private environment of their villas, making use of water sports activities such as Paddle Boating and Wake Boarding, in addition to flying kites with their kids under the fresh air and breezy conditions of Ho Tram Beach.
The recent addition of a world-class golf course and a full-service casino have put Ho Tram on the international map. Future addition of a second golf course will make Ho Tram a golf and vacation destination that rivals any in Southeast Asia.


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